Friday, 25 February 2011

Wanna Peddle YOUR Wares on Wheels?

We are always looking for new "basketeers" to join us. If you have a bike and make something beautiful with your own hands then you would fit right in.

Using your bike is a great way to sell your handmade goodies at local markets and fairs- you just need to use your imagination on how to display- baskets, trays, boards, bits of tents, ribbons and strings, mats next to bikes all have been used to display goods and all equally good.

And best of all you can roll up with your goods (quite literally) and then roll right away again, none of that trying to find a parking space and unload the car while you try and avoid getting a ticket!

We have some exciting events in the pipeline and have a pitch booked for the Paintworks fair on March 13th with space for one poss. 2 more bikes if you would like to come and join us?!

Email Jess at if you're interested.

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