Sunday, 3 April 2011

Still Wheeling On...

Hello, it's been a while since we posted any new info on here.

So it looks like a couple of us will be going to Colston Hall on April 16th for the Made in Bristol Spring Fair, we will be on the bikes and outside so keep your fingers crossed for nice weather!!

Also a few other things in the pipeline so watch this space.

Monday, 14 March 2011

A fun weekend...

A big thanks to everyone who came down to The Paintworks on Sunday and bought some of our wares on wheels. Attended by Tinker Taylor Textiles, As The Crown Flies and All Creature Great and Sewn, although it was a long day we managed to keep it going- sewing new hat designs, printing bags with new stamps and crocheting lions.
We also had our fair share of dramas with Janet letting out an ear piercing scream as a child when careering into her bike knocking it over, Jess managed to catch it before it had a domino effect and the calm was returned after many giggles and stomch aches from laughing!

Roll on the next event...

Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Few Pictures Wouldn't Go Amiss!!

Well, having had a look through the posts there seems to a lack of pictures of the group as a whole so I thought I'd add some...
Bristol Cycle Festival in Queens Square
The Tobacco Factory
At Colston Hall in the Glorious Sunshine!
But sometimes it rains and we have brollys! Like on The Christmas Steps in Dec 2010!

But we've got each other and so we have a good time (cheesy or what haha!)

Friday, 25 February 2011

Wanna Peddle YOUR Wares on Wheels?

We are always looking for new "basketeers" to join us. If you have a bike and make something beautiful with your own hands then you would fit right in.

Using your bike is a great way to sell your handmade goodies at local markets and fairs- you just need to use your imagination on how to display- baskets, trays, boards, bits of tents, ribbons and strings, mats next to bikes all have been used to display goods and all equally good.

And best of all you can roll up with your goods (quite literally) and then roll right away again, none of that trying to find a parking space and unload the car while you try and avoid getting a ticket!

We have some exciting events in the pipeline and have a pitch booked for the Paintworks fair on March 13th with space for one poss. 2 more bikes if you would like to come and join us?!

Email Jess at if you're interested.

A Recap of the Regular Basketeers...

As The Crow Flies- Bee Hayes
Handmade vintage inspired buttons, cards and ceramics. All beautifully designed and printed by

Tinker Taylor Textiles-

Beautiful handmade feather fascinators from Janet. A variety of colours and sizes available for every occasion.

Clairey Fairy - handmade cards and jewellery.

Beautiful semi-precious stone and wire jewellery and a selection of handmade cards made from recycled materials and buttons.

ReGEMerate - Anna Jane Designs

Jewellery & accessories made with recycled, reclaimed & vintage materials. Unique gifts or treats. Commissions welcome!
follow on twitter; @reGEMerate

All Creatures Great and Sewn- Knitted & Crochet Toys, badges and Hot Water Bottles by Jess French.

Coming from a family of knitters it was only natural Jess learnt to knit as a child. Combining this with a love of animals the result is a variety of cute and cuddly animal toys. Each one is made lovingly by hand, from scratch and as a result it totally unique and individual. Jess also knits a range of hot water bottle covers and badges.
Custom orders are welcomed just ask!
Follow on twitter; @greatandsewn
Facebook page;
Or e-mail

Rose Popay aka The Art Tart

draws and paints at weddings and partys as well as performing stage acts and walk about comedy. She has exhibited with some of the worlds top artists and has performed all over the globe....but she also believes inkeeping it local!
Rose loads her baskets with postcards and easles and waits poised with paper and pen to do your portrait! sometimes a face painting kit pops out too!
-have a peek at her sites below for more examples

Look Sharpe it's Some New News!!

So we are almost 2 months into the year and we have some new dates for the basketeers-

The first saturday of every month is the Christmas Steps Artisan Market run by the lovely folks at "This is Shop" and each month a selection of the Baketeers will be down on the steps with their lovely hand-made goodies, so come on down and see what you can find!

Also March 13th sees The Paintworks Spring Art Fair on Bath Rd again the basketeers have secured a pitch and will be present and correct with ttyres pumped and chains oiled ready for business.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Papergirl Bristol in 2011

Open Call for Papergirl Bristol
deadline for Art Work 1st March

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Market Time is Here Again!

Hello all- I hope the new year has been treating you well and everyone has recovered from the parties and celebrations?

The time has come for the basketeers to dust down their wheel and re-attach the baskets and pedel on down the market-

January 30th will find us at the Tobacco Factory for a somewhat Bike themed day.

Feb 12th will have a limited number or the Basketeers reassembling for the the Artisan Market on the Christmas Steps in Bristol Centre.

We hope to see you there...